25 Years of Fix ALL!

To celebrate we have a whole host of new product releases and packaging innovations lined up for 2021.

Since Fix ALL’s very first introduction 25 years ago, Soudal has continued to invest and innovate in the development of hybrid polymer sealant and adhesive formulations. Each product within the range has its own unique properties and characteristics, ensuring a Fix ALL solution for every application. It’s the perfect answer to the construction industry’s interior and exterior sealing, bonding and filling needs.

Fix ALL Garland
Fix ALL Turbo

New Fix ALL Turbo Colours

The first product announcement of the year is Fix ALL Turbo in two new colour variations. The same fast setting adhesive, now also available in Black & Grey. Turbo is a super-fast hybrid polymer adhesive with a rapid strength build-up, ideal for applications where speed and strength are important factors. It has a high initial tack and sets in just 20 minutes. Strength continues to build for 3 hours, when it will reach its final end strength. Turbo is perfect for all heavy-duty bonding applications, inside and out. It’s capable of bonding all common building materials, even in the wet!


Product in this video: Fix ALL Turbo