Professional adhesive range for both construction and industrial markets, suitable for many types of bonding applications. Discover Fix ALL hybrid polymer sealant-adhesives, Grip All grab adhesives, as well as various wood and parquet adhesives.

Professional grade sealants for all interior and exterior applications, including anti-mould sanitary silicone, glazing sealants, acrylic decorating sealants and much more. Discover Silirub’s structured range of silicones for industrial, construction and sanitary sealing applications.

Extensive range of polyurethane expanding foams, each developed for specific gap filling applications. Discover Soudafoam’s unique valve system, Duravalve, that improves yield and performance of Soudal’s PU expanding foam products.

Wide range of technical sprays for both construction and industrial markets. High grade cleaners for removing glue and silicone residues, as well as PU foam. Explore a range of primers that optimise adhesion of polymer, polyurethane and silicone sealants.

Various fillers for interior and exterior construction applications, as well as a specialist automotive range. Discover Repair Express, a range of high speed repair products specially formulated to replicate the characteristics of plaster or cement.

Extensive range of mounting tapes, airtight sealing tapes, air and vapor tight membranes. Suitable for various applications in construction.

Liquid, brushable and sprayable membranes for air and vapor tightness of surfaces, floor and wall connections. Waterproof coatings for roof applications and repairs. Various anti-corrosion protections for automotive bodywork.

Extensive range of high quality caulking guns and various PU foam guns, available in both heavy duty and lighter versions. Handy accessories for applying or removing adhesives and sealants.