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Introducing the New Fix ALL Mounting Tapes: Ultra Strong and 100% Clear tape.

In celebration of Fix ALL's 25th anniversary, we are adding a whole host of new products and packaging innovations into the range. Ultra Strong and 100% Clear double-sided adhesive tape are our most recent additions. Fix ALL Mounting Tape is suitable for use in both indoor and outdoor applications. Designed for small bonding projects, with ease of use in mind, the tape can be used on a broad range of materials. Simple to use with quick and effective results.


Fix ALL Ultra Strong Tape

The Ultra Strong Mounting Tape is a double-sided self-adhesive tape, capable of holding up to 150kg per roll. The tape is 1mm thick and available in rolls of 1.5 meters. Pressing firmly activates an immediate tack, ensuring instant bonding with permanent results. Fix ALL Ultra Strong Tape produces a high final strength and a long-lasting durable bond. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use with resistance to UV and moisture.



Fix ALL 100% Clear

The 100% Clear Mounting Tape is a transparent double-sided self-adhesive tape, capable of holding up to 75kg per roll (1.5m). The extra thin tape is just 0.5mm thick, resulting in an aesthetically pleasing finish when bonding both transparent and non-transparent materials. Immediate tack and high final end strength, Fix ALL 100% Clear Tape provides a durable and long-lasting bond. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use with resistance to both moisture and UV.


Do you have a rough or uneven surface? Is the object too heavy?

Fix ALL Tapes perform best on smooth, non-porous surfaces. If you are bonding heavy objects with a rough or uneven surface you should always choose Fix ALL in cartridge format: Flexi, Crystal, High Tack, High Tack Invisible, Turbo or X-treme Power Express.