As part of our commitment towards building a more sustainable future, Soudal UK is continuing the switch to fully electric vehicles, further reducing our CO2 emissions and air pollution. With the ban of new petrol and diesel car sales coming into effect from 2035, our company fleet is now already 80% electric powered with plans to convert remaining vehicles by the end of 2024. This forward thinking approach enables us to ready our team for the use of EVs and expand our charging infrastructure; we have installed a large number of charging stations at our offices, as well as supporting our team with the installation of home charging solutions, helping to further maximize efficiency and provide convenience of charging overnight.

Making the transition early helps us to future-proof our operations, in readiness of new regulatory changes leading up to 2030 and beyond. Not to mention, the elimination if tailpipe emissions from our activities out in the field. Our ever expanding team is spending more and more time on the roads annually, as they provide on-going support to our valued distributers across the nation. The switch to EVs provides significant environmental benefits, considering our growing attendance at trade days, demo mornings and exhibitions throughout the year.

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