More than a year and a half before the expiration of their current engagement, Lotto and Soudal have decided to continue their collaborative sponsorship of the Belgian cycling team and extend their partnership agreement to 2022. Soudal's increased financial contribution means that the two partners are now on the same footing. This new partnership will take effect from the next Tour de France and will result in changes of jerseys depending on the race. The team will thus wear the colours of Lotto Soudal during the Belgian events, while the races abroad will see the arrival of new “Soudal Lotto” jerseys. This change concerns the WorldTour team, the ladies team and the development team.

John Lelangue, CEO of Lotto Soudal : “I am obviously more than delighted to be able to announce, two days before the Grand Départ of the Tour de France in Brussels, that our two main sponsors have extended their engagement until the end of 2022. As in any good relationship, we took a few months to take stock, at all levels, and we discussed our ambitions. From there, we entered into a new agreement."

“Soudal has decided to revise its financial contribution upwards in order to be at the same level as Lotto. From now on, our two main sponsors will therefore be equal and this will be visible on our outfits. We will continue to wear the Lotto Soudal jersey during the Belgian events, but it is under the name Soudal Lotto that we will start the races abroad and this, from the start of the Tour. It is innovative and inventive. Our official name will remain Lotto Soudal. From 2020, cars, buses, merchandising and all products in the team's colours will bear the name of Soudal Lotto."

Jannie Haek, Managing Director of the National Lottery : “Lotto and Soudal, it's a profitable collaboration, that's why we decided to continue working together. We place this project under the sign of continuity. Lotto is the most popular game in Belgium, it is a Belgian brand, close to people, which has many cycling enthusiasts in its ranks. Lotto has always been the "host" of the race. Soudal is a Belgian company with international interests and global ambitions. The renewal of this partnership is beneficial for the three parties: Lotto, Soudal and the team. We want to move up a gear today. "

Vic Swerts, founder, owner and president of Soudal : “We want to create new possibilities for the future. This is why we have increased our contribution to the team. Our cycling project goes further than the short term. In recent years, we have realized that our collaboration was profitable and that our international ambitions perfectly matched the cycling sport and the values of the team. We therefore decided to continue until 2022. At Soudal, we constantly want to aim higher and make our ambition shine. It is important for us to do better day by day, emphasizing our professionalism."

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