How to use Quick Access

The 'Quick Access' feature allows you to easily download or email images and technical documents (main product image, technical datasheet, DoP etc.) of singular or multiple products. The quick access service is only available for registered users after login. You can register here for a login.


Safety Data Sheets (SDS)

To request Safety Data Sheets for Soudal products please contact our customer service team:

Quick Access Tutorial

Step 1: Visit the Product Page

Visit the product page of the product you wish to download an image, technical data sheet or DOP. Simply click 'Add to Quick Access' and all digital assets will go straight into your basket ready to be downloaded.





Quick Access Tutorial

Step 2: Click on the Quick Access icon

You can now view the product(s) in your basket by clicking on the Quick Access icon on the top navigation bar; this is a heart shaped icon with a number to indicate the quantity of products you currently have selected.









Quick Access Tutorial

Step 3: Select the files you would like to download

You will now see a list of products in your basket, each with an option to select the individual assets you wish to download or email. The technical data sheets are preselected, but you can also choose to select the main image, DoP etc. 

Please note: A maximum of 30 products can be added to your basket at any one time.







Quick Access Tutorial

Step 4: Choose how you would like to receive the files

Choose whether you would like to 'email' or 'download' the digital assets you have in your basket.

With the download option, a zip file is created. With the email option, you send an e-mail to another person with a download link. You can put yourself in copy.