Trade Roof & Insul. Foam Gen

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Moisture curing, polyurethane expanding foam, specifically developed for filling gaps around roofing and insulation materials. Adheres to most roofing and insulation materials; roof tiles, slates, fibre-cement sheeting, PIR and EPS insulation boards, aluminium and wood. Resistant to water, heat and ageing. Excellent thermal and acoustic insulation values. Can be cut, sanded, plastered and painted after full cure. Not UV resistant, cover once cured with sealant, paint or plaster. Genius GunĀ® is a patented trigger mechanism, designed for easy use and single-handed operation. The re-sealable applicator enables the product to be re-used for up to 6 weeks after first use.

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Trade Roof & Insulation Foam Genius 600ml

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