Soudal introduces more sustainable Bluemint® steel PU foam cans

In a continuous effort to increase the use of more sustainable packaging, Soudal will start using cans of Bluemint® steel in the one component foam production. 

This new packaging technology will lead to a significant reduction of CO2 emissions.
Bluemint® steel, a product brand of German steel producer ThyssenKrupp AG, is produced in such a way that, whilst the quality has the same high standard, there is a reduction of CO2 emissions of 64%.

The first Soudal products that will be packed in the Bluemint® steel cans are Soudal Flexifoam®, Soudafoam® PURE and Soudal SMX® Foam. From the beginning of 2024 on, Soudal will gradually change more cans of the Soudal branded one component foams to Bluemint® steel cans, based on the availability.

Dirk Coorevits, CEO of Soudal: “We have been taking our responsibility as a business in the chemical and construction sectors seriously for many years, but as the climate crisis becomes more and more apparent, we will shift up a gear. We are proud that with the introduction of Bluemint® steel packaging, we take another step in our sustainable journey and hope to keep increasing our impact on a better world.”