PCR Close up

Soudal PCR Cartridges

In recent years, Soudal has switched the packaging of many hundreds of products to packaging based on PCR* recyclate (*PCR: Post Consumer Recycled). This year, more than 500 tons of PE raw material have been replaced with recyclate, and the transition continues.

Since 2022, the caps on Soudal PU foam cans have been completely converted to caps based on 100% recyclate. 'Genius Gun' foam adapters are also gradually being switched to 70% recycled material.

Cartridges for Soudal silicone - available in many DIY stores - and other well-known products such as 'Fix ALL', have already been converted to cartridges based on recycled PE in various countries such as UK/BE/IRL/FR. This will soon also occur in DE/ IT/ HU/ RO and Cz. Soudal already produces more than 1,000,000 cartridges with recycled plastic every month. For Soudal adhesives, the buckets contain 75% PCR recyclate, a packaging solution that has been systematically used for several years.

With these achievements, Soudal is firmly on its way to maximising the transition to circular  packaging. At the same time, many other initiatives have been taken to significantly reduce the company's impact, such as the use of more circular raw materials and continual investments in renewable energy for production.


What is PCR material?

PCR stands for 'Post-Consumer Recycled,' denoting plastic derived from post-consumer waste. This type of material primarily originates from discarded end-user packaging, presenting a notably eco-friendly substitute for virgin plastic. Repurposing PCR material offers various benefits, notably a decrease in CO2 emissions compared to conventional plastic.

Soudal remains committed to advancing environmentally conscious and sustainable packaging solutions for our products. Incorporating PCR plastic into the manufacturing of our cartridges signifies another stride toward fostering a more sustainable future.