Amazon HQ

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Amazon HQ 2

Burlington Road, Dublin

Birch Plywood Stair Cladding Installation

A significant expansion of Amazon’s state of the art headquarters enabled the e-commerce giant to continue growing operations in Dublin. The beautiful design of the office building uses a range of materials, combining timber and steel elements throughout the stairways connecting each level. Oakvale Floors were tasked with producing a lacquered birch wood finish on the impressive steel staircase, using a suitable fixing method to ensure a durable and hardwearing solution that could withstand a frequent footfall for years to come.



The Oakvale Floors installation team opted for Soudal’s professional parquet adhesive range, choosing to use our MS-30 Plus hybrid polymer adhesive. It provides an excellent all-round performance, combining high strength with a fast curing time. MS-30 Plus is ideal for bonding porous and non-porous materials, making it the ideal choice for fixing the birch plywood treads and risers to the steel substructure of the staircase.

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For our Amazon stair project we had to be sure the adhesive we chose would guarantee to provide the adhesion and performance required for a milled steel structure, in a heavy commercial environment. Having previously used Soudal’s MS-30 Plus, it proved to be the ideal product to bond the Prefinished Birch plywood to the staircases.

Neil McGuckin - Oakvale Floors


                                                                                                Birch Plywood Staircase

Wood and metal are both durable materials often combined within construction and interior design. The complimentary pairing of materials delivers an impressive focal point in this office development, with wooden elements bringing a sense of warmth to the steel structure.


Amazon HQ, Burlington Road, Dublin

Burlington Road
Burlington Road

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MS-30 Plus

MS-30 Plus Parquet Flooring Adhesive

MS-30 PLUS is a universal hybrid polymer based parquet adhesive. Suitable for bonding many types of parquet floors onto suitable indoor substrates. Once fully cured (approx. 24 hrs. at 21°C and 50% RH) an elastic and non-shrinkable adhesive layer is formed, which is resistant to moisture and heat. The adhesive has excellent adhesion to most common substrates used in the construction industry, both porous and non-porous.


  • Remains permanently elastic
  • EC-1 Plus: very low emission values
  • Easy to apply
  • Forms stable peaks when applied with a notched trowel
  • Rapid curing and strength build up
  • High final bond strength (according to EN14293)
  • Suitable for subfloor heating
  • Free of solvents, isocyanate and water

How to Install Parquet Flooring?

Soudal provides instructions for applying many products within our professional range. You can find a full application tutorial for installations using our parquet flooring adhesive range:

MS-20 Plus 6kg
Hybrid polymer timber flooring adhesive

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