Sanitary joints

Sanitary joints

Sanitary sealants

Sanitary sealants exhibit excellent adhesive properties on bathroom and kitchen surfaces such as tiles, acrylic baths and showers. These sealants are highly resistant to water and mould formation. Soudal has an extensive range of products that contain powerful anti-fungal and anti-biocidal agents. These food-safe products include Soudaseal Cleanroom, Stay Fresh, Silirub 2/S and Fix ALL Crystal.

Sealing natural stone

When sealing natural stone surfaces a special sealant is required to prevent discolouration of the stone; this is called edge-of-seal contamination and cannot be removed or reversed. Specially formulated natural stone silicones prevent this. Silirub MA has been developed for such applications, combining excellent performance with superior sealant properties.

Silirub MA Marble grey 300ml
Neutral cure natural stone silicone sealant
Stay Fresh White 300ml
Neutral cure sanitary silicone sealant
Silirub 2S Transparent 300ml
Neutral cure sanitary silicone sealant
Soudaseal Cleanroom 290ml
Hybrid polymer cleanroom sealant