Soudal application glazing joints

Glazing joints

Glazing sealants are employed for flexible sealing of the connection joint between the window frame and the glass or between two panes of glass. Extremely high UV and weather resistance are absolute requirements in these applications.

Materials used in window framing are constantly evolving. This means you must make sure to check for proper adhesion with the latest window frame types (various types of PVC, foil or coated aluminium). Soudal takes care to stay up-to-date with these developments so as to be able to guarantee optimal adhesion. Special glazing applications include paintable joints for wooden window frames and weather sealing between panes of glass. Soudal offers numerous quality solutions for all types of glazing.

Silirub 2 White 300ml
Neutral cure building and glazing silicone sealant
Silirub LMN White 300ml
Neutral cure building silicone sealant
Silirub Color RAL 9010 300ml
Neutral cure silicone sealant in RAL colours