building envelope expansion joints

Building envelope expansion joints

When sealing the building envelope, using a quality façade sealant is essential. Sealing around windows (window frame to brickwork) and between concrete or façade panels are the most common applications.

Joint sealants are intended to prevent moisture, air or dirt from penetrating the structure of a building. Various elements of a structure can move due to temperature fluctuations, the wind, etc. To be able to adapt to this movement, façade sealants must be highly elastic. Good adhesion to concrete, aluminium panels and various window frame materials (wood, PVC, coated aluminium) are also important. Soudafoam Window & Door SWS can be used behind the sealant for good, lasting insulation between moving structural elements.

Silirub 2 Grey 600ml
Neutral cure building and glazing silicone sealant