Compact Application


The NEW Compact adapter allows you to work quickly and effectively, with a pressure-sensitive trigger system for controlling the speed of the PU foam. The range includes a high expansion expanding foam and high-strength adhesive foam.

Compact is the ideal solution for all DIY filling, bonding and insulating jobs around the home. The small format foam canisters help minimise unnecessary waste, providing the perfect amount for the job at hand!

Fill & Insulate
Compact Fill & Insulate

Compact Fill & Insulate

A crack in the wall? Filling holes or gaps around pipework? With Compact Fill & Insulate you can achieve high volume expansion in a variety of DIY applications. The high-performance PU foam is suitable for indoor and outdoor use. The 150ml canister expands up to 4L when applied, ideal for most DIY gap-filling jobs around the home.

  • Sealing cracks in walls
  • Filling around pipes
  • Draft insulation
  • General filling of holes


Fix & Bond
Compact Fix & Bond

Compact Fix & Bond

Bonding decorative mouldings? Fixing polystyrene or insulation materials? With Compact Fix & Bond you can achieve a high linear yield, ideal for bonding sheet materials in a variety of DIY applications. The 150ml canister will provide over five meters of foam, ideal for most DIY bonding jobs and quick repairs. 

  • Bonding decorative mouldings
  • Fixing skirting boards & window sills
  • Bonding polystyrene & insulation materials
  • Bonds most common building materials



Working on a bigger job?

If you're working on a bigger project then our patented 'Genius Gun' is the range for you. Experience the same ease of use, with much larger packaging sizes and an applicator that ensures re-usability for up to 6 weeks!

Check out the full Genius Gun range below for all your fixing, filling and bonding needs.