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Soudal unveils the NEW T-Rex 80% Recycled Grab Adhesive, the first of its kind on the market. The formulation is based on recycled raw materials, packaged inside a cartridge made from post-consumer recycled plastic and manufactured using renewable solar and wind energy.

Moving towards a more circular economy, Soudal is increasing the number of recycled materials used within the production process. Supplied in a cartridge made from 80% recycled plastic, the high-performance solvent free grab adhesive is made from 82% recycled. The heavy-duty construction adhesive reduces the impact on the environment, without any compromise on product performance or usability. The powerful initial grab properties of the adhesive will support loads of 250kg/m², perfect for bonding heavy materials.

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Solar Impulse


Acknowledged by the Solar Impulse Foundation, the T-Rex 80% Recycled Grab Adhesive has been awarded the independent body’s stamp of approval for efforts in reducing CO2 emissions, as well as limiting the use of virgin material. The accolade is given to products based on being both clean and profitable solutions for the market. It recognizes Soudal for active contributions in preserving natural resources and helping to achieve climate objectives.

T-Rex Recycled Grab Adhesive

Sustainability on three levels

Always aiming to reduce the environmental impact of our activities, we focus on improving processes on three different levels: Energy, Materials & Packaging. From production plants powered by renewable energy to sourcing more sustainable materials for manufacturing products and packaging. Watch our Sustainability Movie to here more about Soudal's efforts in sustainability.


We not only focus on the performance of our products but also the energy it takes to manufacture them. It’s important to look at the full picture. The new T-Rex Grab Adhesive is a big step in the right direction and a continuation of our efforts in the area of sustainability. It’s all about offering a more sustainable choice, with no compromise for the end-user.

Jonathan Tanser - Marketing Manager at Soudal UK