Introducing the NEW Swipex Mega Value Pack, offering tradespeople a more eco-friendly alternative to traditional hard plastic tubs commonly used to dispense trade wipes. The new Swipex pouch reduces plastic packaging by up to 88% per 100 wipes. The re-sealable valve helps keep the industrial strength wipes even fresher, while also acting as an effective dispenser with a tear-away system.

Swipex is the super cleaning wipe for removing uncured silicone, hybrid polymers, PU foam and adhesives from many different surfaces. The new Swipex Mega Value Pack is the perfect addition to your toolbox and works well with all uncured Soudal products, for quick and easy cleaning of hands and tools. Far more effective than soap and water, safer and kinder to the skin than chemical cleaning agents.

Swipex Mega Value

Less plastic, more wipes

The Swipex Mega Value Pack contains 3x the number of wipes than the original Swipex tubs, each containing 300 wipes. This more sustainable packaging innovation means significantly less plastic is used, while still ensuring the longevity of the wipes for future use, time after time.


Hard on dirt, soft on hands
Swipex Mega Value Pack