Silicone can simply be misapplied, or over time it may discolour or deteriorate. Either way, this sealant will need to be removed and replaced. These simple steps will ensure easy removal of the existing cured sealant:

1. Clean the silicone surface and remove any debris from the surrounding area.

2. Peel/scrape the sealant out of the joint with a sharp-edged tool (such as a knife or silicone removal tool). Be careful not to damage any surfaces in the process.

3. To remove any remaining residue, apply silicone remover to the area and wait approximately 10-15 minutes.

4. Scrape the remaining silicone residue away and dry the area with a clean cloth.

TIP: Porous surfaces such as stone countertops are either very difficult or impossible to clean. Even non-cured sealant will likely leave a stain behind. We recommend that the utmost care is taken when working on porous surfaces.


Removing silicone sealant

Step 2: Scrape Silicone away
Step 3: Applying silicone remover
Step 4: Scrape Silicone Residue