Paintable joints

Paintable joints

To achieve a smooth and paintable interior joint around windows and doors, it is important to use a good quality acrylic sealant. Sealing the joint between the ceiling and wall can also improve the quality of the finish. With Soudal’s flexible Decorators Caulk you can effectively fill and seal these joints, which can then be painted.


1. Make the walls clean and dry

Remove dirt, dust and grease with a degreaser and a clean cloth. Dry the surface.

2. Tape off the joint edges

Use masking tape to neatly tape off the sealant edges to ensure a straight edge once finish. Make sure that the joint on each surface is 5mm wide.

3. Open the cartridge

Cut the top of the cartridge with a safety cutter. Turn the nozzle on top and cut the end at a slant. To achieve the best results, cut the nozzle to the same size as the joint you want to fill. Put the cartridge in the caulking gun and squeeze the handle to extrude the sealant.

4. Start filling

Place the nozzle where you want to start filling. Squeeze the handle and move the caulking gun over the joint in a smooth movement. Apply sufficient sealant to ensure that the product adheres well. You get the best result if you pull the caulking gun towards yourself instead of pushing it away.

5. Smooth and remove the tape

Wet your finger or the sealant finishing tool with clean water. Smooth the joint and immediately remove the masking tape. Smooth carefully again to remove any protruding edges.

6. Paint when the sealant is fully dry

When the sealant has fully hardened you can paint over it. The time the acrylic sealant needs to cure depends on the thickness of your joint. You can find more information on the cartridge or in the technical datasheet.


  • Note! Decorators Caulk has limited elasticity. So do not use this sealant in places where there is a lot of movement or where there are large temperature variations. Do you want to seal next to a door or PVC windows? The best option is Soudal Fix-ALL Flexi. You can also overpaint this hybrid polymer sealant once fully cured.

You can find the technical data sheet and all information about the use, shelf life, properties and composition of Soudal Decorators Caulk on the product page.

How to seal paintable joints

Product in video: Painters Flexible Caulk


Safety cutter

Masking tape

Clean cloth


Plant sprayer with clean water